How to let go of food cravings that your body doesn't need

Posted by Chen Zhiping on

The secret to boosting satiety that 90% of fitness whizzes don't know! Do these 3 things to boost your satiety by 50% with every meal!

--- Eat slowly: Eating slowly and savouring each bite will help you appreciate the taste and texture of your food. This will also give your brain enough time to perceive the feeling of fullness, thus avoiding overeating.

--- Use all your senses: Eating is a sensory experience, so try to use all your senses at mealtime. A plate that is pleasing to the eye is also an essential part of the experience. Enjoy the aroma of the food while appreciating the beautiful clash of colours between the food and the plate.

---Avoid distractions: Eating in front of the TV or while on your phone can detract from your dining experience. Instead, try to focus on your meal and the people around you so that you don't lose sight of your body's need to eat real food.

As a tableware company, Indigooo believes that the key to good food is to get it just right - after all, cravings that go beyond what is needed can put an unnecessary strain on the body.

Indigooo's motto is: deliciousness that can be seen. But how do we do it? How do we make a simple bowl or plate contribute to the dining experience? We strive to make tableware that is ergonomically designed, comfortable to hold, smooth to handle and so on, all to create the right atmosphere, and that is what our products can do. Enjoy the taste while using colour and design to satisfy your desires beyond the real volume of food required.

The right plate can make a steak look juicier, a salad look fresher and a dessert look more luxurious. indigooo's products are not only functional but also beautiful and stylish. They are the perfect accompaniment to any dining occasion and can turn an ordinary dinner into a special occasion.

So if you too want to do away with the desire to eat more than you really need to and be healthier, try indigooo tableware. Visible deliciousness, waiting to be seen!